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David has now retired and has
handed over the business to
Mr Robert Donnan RHAD.

Please be assured that his service and commitment to his clients are in direct parallel with our own. He has recently opened a branch in Fulford, York and has a number of other highly useful resources that you may find useful in the future. This includes Micro suction.

You can have every confidence in his service and I'm delighted to say that he always treats people with consideration and commitment. If you are interested in the latest hearing instruments he will only be too pleased to organise a free trial.

David Mason - August 2016


York Hearing Practice, 92 Main Street, Fulford, YORK YO10 4PS

Freephone 0800 612 7812


". . . family members and friends indebted"5 Stars

. . . above all however, we are acutely aware of just how much your
joint assistance to Mum in regard to maintaining optimal hearing capability at her very advanced age meant. Not solely for her personal ease but also for the ability it gave other family members and friends in their dealings with her too, we were all extraordinarily indebted.

Business was never just business from your perspective. Your efficiency was never in doubt but everything was always dealt with in such a genuinely pleasant and caring manner that it would be virtually impossible to better.

We are profoundly grateful for everything.

Yours sincerely

Anne & John Dimon (Northallerton)

"A very personal service"5 Stars

Dear David,

Mr Mason gives a very personal service tailored to the needs of patients with hearing loss. He has extensive knowledge of the types of hearing aids available so that he can provide the most appropriate instrument to ensure maximal benefit.

I have found Mr Mason’s book “Your Complete Guide to Better Hearing” very useful. It is invaluable in helping me explain the nature of hearing loss to patients and in encouraging them that their hearing loss can be helped with the use of modern hearing aids.

P G Reilly BSc FRCS(Ed), Consultant ENT Surgeon

"I feel so much more alive these days"5 Stars

It is five weeks since my “new ears” came into my possession.

David gave me very useful tips on how to “break them in” and I found him a warm and understanding person to discuss any anxieties that arose during this period. It was also a source of great encouragement for me to have Shirley phoning each week to ask how things were going. 

I now think that, previously, I had not realised (or admitted to myself) just how bad my hearing really had become and am thankful I “took the plunge” and got in touch with them.

I feel so much more alive these days – and not isolated at all, as I’m sure I was in danger of becoming.

With especial thanks to you both

Ella Halls, Northallerton

"I feel once again much more relaxed. WOW!"5 Stars

Dear David and Shirley,

Thanks David for coming out to adjust the left hearing aid for me. I’m delighted to say that it is working wonderfully. Thank you so much.

Shortly after you left I took Ginger for her usual afternoon walk. On the left hand side as I’m walking is the Appleton Wiske Beck. I was startled at ducks taking flight right by me, the fluttering of their wings made me jump. One of the things which I must have been missing but not realised.

I was enjoying music last night, the television, and I feel once again much more relaxed. WOW!

Very kind regards to you both.

Mrs L March, Northallerton

"Without my new ears I am completely lost"5 Stars

Dear Shirley and David,

I cannot thank you enough for restoring my hearing David. Without my new ears I am completely lost.

Best regards, Mrs D Clegg, Haxby, York

"The lost art of conversation while driving"5 Stars

Dear David,

Sophisticated state-of-the-art technology is all very well, but does it meet the claims set out in the glossy brochure? In the case of Audeo, it most certainly does. As a user of in-the-ear hearing aids for several years, I am impressed by the improvements in quality of speech and understanding. My wife no longer has to raise her voice to summon me to the kitchen from the lounge. The lost art of conversation while driving the car has been recovered due to the lower background noise and listening to in-car stereo is once more a pleasure.

These improvements are achieved by means of a sophisticated programming system that David uses to ensure both my aids are fine-tuned to my needs.

My Audeo aids are not only comfortable to wear but are almost invisible, which inevitably draws comments from friends like "Don't you wear hearing aids any more?"

Mr D Whitham, Helmsley

"Your sympathetic and friendly manner"5 Stars

Dear David,

You have set me up as a fully-fledged user of digital hearing aids and for this I am truly grateful. It has perhaps taken a bit longer that I might have anticipated but with your technical knowledge and skill, also your sympathetic and friendly manner, we eventually made it!

I recently reviewed the progress we made over the two and a half years since January 2005 when you fitted me with a pair of Oticon Synchro digital hearing aids. This was done in my home, where you always came to resolve any difficulties or to extend the range of possibilities for me with digital hearing aids.

The latter has come in stages: the first enabled a choice of four different settings to be obtained by me. The next major advance came at the beginning of 2006 when I was concerned about not being able to talk with people owing to background noises in restaurants and busy shops; you re-set the hearing aids to provide an optional setting to deal with the problem.

Finally, by having a loop system installed in the television room with a feed through the TV set you made it possible for me to switch to a setting of the hearing aids which minimised background noises during a programme, thus giving greater clarity of the spoken word.

Looking back through the experience of going digital, I realise it would have been better if I could have done it earlier. Happily, it has been possible for me to do it at my time of life because of your guidance and constant support.

Many thanks, Professor Fred Roberts B.Sc., Dip Tech., F.I.Chem.E., Chartered Engineer

"Daily living is back to normal"5 Stars

Dear David & Shirley,

“Sorry, I didn’t quite catch what you said”, “will you repeat it”. How often does one say that in a day? It becomes so embarrassing – and so needless. Deafness, or hard of hearing as we prefer to call it, is not an illness – just an inconvenience, so why put up with it. The answer – GET A PHONAK then daily living is back to normal and much happier. I know because I have one. It certainly changed my life. I can now, with confidence join in all conversations and life is more fulfilled and certainly more pleasant.

Mrs G Armstrong, Thirsk

"Hardly tell you are wearing it"5 Stars

Dear David,

I am putting pen to paper to say how much better my Delta 8000 hearing aid is to my previous hearing aid.

It is much better for everyday hearing and also I do not have to have the T.V. turned up as high.

I can hear things happening all round me when out and about. The Delta is very light and you can hardly tell you are wearing it. Also to thank you for the service and back up that you have provided for me both with my old hearing aid and also the Delta 8000.

Once again many thanks and continued success to you and your business.

Yours sincerely, G E Blagden, Scarborough

"I now hear the radio and television without difficulty"5 Stars

Dear David,

I purchased a Phonak Audeo hearing system from David Mason in May 2008. It is a great success and has made a huge difference to my daily life. I now hear the radio and television without difficulty. It is totally unobtrusive, my family cannot believe that I wear hearing aids.

There is no adjustment to the volume when in company; in fact, I'm inclined to forget I have them in.

I can heartily recommend it.

Mrs L English, Leyburn

"My life has changed considerably"5 Stars

Dear Mr Mason,

My life has changed considerably now I have hearing aids in both ears. I can hear at family meals without any difficulty. At meetings I do not miss the vital endings of sentences. Unfortunately I have not been able to use the loop system at church, but owing to your help in getting a gadget to search for a signal I have been able to back up my need for investigating the reason why, which is now in hand, and will not only help me but other deaf people in the church.

The most fantastic change to my sanity is the telephone you provided for me, you said it would be so different, it is. I have now stopped feeling like an idiot having to say ‘Pardon’ constantly. The phone is a miracle, if only my Mum had had one like it her life and confidence would have been boosted like mine.

I would like to thank you for a wonderful service, efficient aids and your attention to detail in acquiring for me a completely different way of hearing, it really has changed my outlook on life.

Georgina M Chapple, Nawton

"A great relief"5 Stars

Dear David and Shirley,

How kind of you to remember my birthday. Thank you for your good wishes and the batteries, which are also welcome.

I am getting on nicely with my hearing aids – my family find it a great relief that they don’t have to keep repeating things. All well at present.

With all good wishes, J Storrow, Helmsley

"May God bless you and your work"5 Stars

Dear David and Shirley,

I want to thank you for all your kindness and care.

I am so glad that I met you, you make me feel so confident. Keep up the good work. David I must apologise for not offering you a drink this morning. It completely escaped my mind.

Any time you are in Thirsk you will be very welcome to call and I won’t forget to offer you a drink!! May God bless you and your work.

With every best wish

Ita Philips, Thirsk

"Patient, helpful and understanding"5 Stars

Dear David,
I felt I must write to you and let you know how beneficial I have found the digital hearing aids to be. From continually saying ‘I beg your pardon’, ‘please say that again’ and ‘please turn up the television’ I hardly ever use these expressions, well not more than people with sound hearing. Indeed, now, it’s ‘do turn the television down’.
I found the Auto Pilot took some time to understand and to use in the right sequence. However, I was delighted with the results, especially in church and at concerts. Wonderful technology, which I don’t understand, but certainly appreciate.
On the few occasions when I have spoken to your wife, Shirley, I have found her patient, helpful and understanding. She is a great asset to your company.
Again many thanks for your patience, kindness and understanding.
Yours sincerely, Valerie M Sutch  (Church Fenton)

"Excellent After Care service – what a good team"5 Stars

Dear David and Shirley,

Thank you so much for returning my hearing aid so quickly (such a huge relief). I must congratulate you on your excellent After Care service – what a good team you are!

Best wishes to you both

J Kitson (Leeds)

"First Class"5 Stars

Dear David,

My wife and I would like to thank David and his wife Shirley for all the help they have given us. David came to my house, tested my ears, explained everything to me, I was under no pressure.
The care we have received has been first class. Any problem you have you can ring Shirley and ask David to call.
They make you one of the family.
I would recommend them to anyone who has a problem with hearing and needs an aid.
Yours sincerely, Mr B.Weeks (Saltburn)

"Wonderful sound and clarity"5 Stars

Dear Mr Mason,
I felt I wanted to write immediately to let you know how exciting it was to experience ‘The Loop’ on my new hearing aid.
Couldn’t believe the wonderful sound and clarity that came when I pressed the button. I was able to follow the sermon which previously had been inaudible.
Thank you. I now appreciate even more your generous attention to my hearing problems.
Yours faithfully, P. Beasley (Stokesley)

"Made such a difference"5 Stars

Dear Mr Mason,

Just to let you know how pleased I am with my hearing aids. It has made such a difference to my quality of life and also to thank you for your kindness and understanding.

Yours sincerely

M. Laverick (Easingwold)

"Your advice was spot on"5 Stars

Dear David,

I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with my new Phonak hearing aids.

As I told you I have always known I was a bit deaf. My mother told me that it was a side effect of catching measles when I was a boy. I used to get by, by smiling and agreeing with the tone of peoples voices.

I did not know how much I was missing until I called into one of your sessions in Wetherby Town Hall. That resulted in you fitting me with Starkey ‘in the ear’ hearing aids. I wore those for several years and they made a big difference to my life. I could hear so much more. I also was able to enjoy the service that you, and especially Shirley who sent me batteries so promptly, provided.

I must confess I was not really convinced when you recommended the Phonak ‘behind the ear’ hearing aids when I decided to replace the aging Starkey ones. But as usual your advice was spot on. I wear spectacles which tell the world that my eyes are not 100% so why not have a small plastic tube and tell the world that my ears are not 100% as well?!

The Phonaks are more comfortable and so much better. I did not realise just how much they had improved on the Starkey ones until I heard the clatter of the dishes as we put them in the sink. The loop that you provided means I can now watch TV without subtitles and without deafening the other members of my family.

I confess it took me a while to master the KeyPilot. Your matter of fact advice in our follow up session was invaluable. That plus the way you can manipulate the performance of the Phonaks with your laptop has made such a big difference.

Thank you for your advice and support.

I Leadley (Wetherby)

"Hearing things I could not hear before"5 Stars

Dear David,

Since I bought my new digital hearing aid, I have enjoyed hearing things I could not hear before. As a sufferer of tinnitus I cannot hear the tinnitus noise which has changed by life.

Mrs M.E. Middleton in Teesdale

"Thank you for your patience and help"5 Stars

Dear David,
I am writing to thank you for your patience and help in choosing the right hearing aid to rectify my deafness problem. I had not realised how much my hearing had deteriorated until you tested it with your equipment and one of the great benefits is that I can now go to meetings and hear all that is said rather than missing a lot as I did in the past.
I am also very pleased that the hearing aid is so unobtrusive and comfortable to wear.
I wish you every success for the future,
Kind regards, Mrs A.S., (Bedale)

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart"5 Stars

Dear Dave and Shirley,
May I thank you both for the wonderful service which I received this Christmas.
My new hearing aids have transformed my life. I am more relaxed, more interested and more confident than I have ever been. I can now enjoy all the normal things in life – like understanding the chatter of children and listening to bird song, music and the television.
 You cannot put a price on the quality of your life, it was the best Christmas present possible.
When I first met you both, you listened carefully and understood the problems I was experiencing. The sample hearing aids that you programmed for me were a revelation and once I had made my decision to proceed you rushed the order through and came to my home personally to fit the hearing aids – all before Christmas day.
 My Christmas dinner with my family was the best ever!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Yours Sincerely,Mrs L. Macura., (Northallerton)

"19th October 2007"5 Stars

Dear David and Shirley,

It is almost two years now since Mike got his hearing aids and they are one of the best buys he has ever made!"

There is a huge difference when we meet up with family and friends, as it is now so much easier for him to join in with the conversation. Watching television is much better now too, and listening to music. But there are other benefits which I don’t believe Mike had thought of, such as hearing the birds singing, our cat purring and even the crackling of a log fire.

The hearing aids have made a huge improvement to Mike’s life, and also to the rest of the family! We are both very impressed with the aftercare too. Thank you for an excellent service.

Best wishes to you both

Jane Armitage

"...I have regained my confidence back and no longer feel isolated"5 Stars

The change in my life is absolutely astonishing since I had my hearing aids fitted. My TV was on at volume 60 and could be heard outside it is now on at volume 30.1 can now have a good conversation on the phone. I have regained my confidence back and no longer feel isolated. I did not realise how much stress I was causing my family as they were constantly shouting at me and having to repeat themselves all the time. As my daughter says "I can only say I am no longer exhausted after a visit".

Thank you so much

Mrs Robertson, North Yorkshire

"Complete satisfaction"5 Stars


You are a winner! Hearing aids have taken on a dimension never known previously to my decrepit ears. I can hear better now than I can remember in my 84 years. So many thanks; my faith in your ability has been fully vindicated.

I can only close with two words: THANK YOU!

John Ram

"...best information on hearing aids"5 Stars

Dear David,

I am very pleased with the Hearing Handbook which I recently received. I found it very informative – it is the best information I have received on hearing and hearing aids. I am now retired from a 15-year nursing career and still learned a lot from the Handbook. I also appreciate the fact that an average price was mentioned – a lot of companies do not disclose this information.

Mrs D. Walker, York (ex Senior S.E.N.)

"...diagrams clear, professional and instructive"5 Stars

Dear Mr Mason,

Thank you so much for your Hearing Handbook, which I read with a great deal of interest.

I can honestly say that after 30 years as a State Registered Nurse I have discovered more about how the ear and hearing work than in all my time nursing. I found the diagrams clear, professional and instructive. All the accompanying explanations, although concise, were written in ways that were very easy to read and, just as importantly, understand.

I warmly recommend your Handbook to anyone who is thinking about a hearing aid.

Yours faithfully

Mrs J Sutch S.R.N. (Ontario, Canada)

"always being there for me"5 Stars

Dear David and Shirley,

My first impression of Issue 1 of 'your hearing' newsletter was that the format and layout is excellent, also very interesting and happy reading.

The back page is informative and appreciate the diagrams of ‘how the hearing works’. What a miracle is the performance of hearing.

Many thanks for always being there for me in helping to improve my profound hearing loss.

Best wishes

Margery Fawcett (Northallerton)

..."I now feel I have got my life back"5 Stars

Dear David,

It gives me great pleasure in writing this letter to express my appreciation for the help you have given me in getting my hearing aids adjusted correctly after a very troubled time from a different hearing outlet.

For the first time in approximately fifteen months I now feel I have got my life back, being able to communicate without fear of not hearing is a miracle. I am no longer sitting in the corner worrying if someone is going to speak to me.

Thank you seems such a small token for what you have done for me. I would certainly recommend your services.

Yours sincerely

Mrs J. Blodwell (Reeth, North Yorkshire)

..."It has revolutionised my life"5 Stars

Thanks to David Mason's advice I purchased a Phonak Nano twelve months ago. It has revolutionised my life. I attribute this to technology and skill. It fits neatly in the ear with no further adjustment needed.

Ruth Russ (Mrs)

..."The Phonak Audeo Q means I can now hear conversations in noisy environments"5 Stars

Dear David,

Following the purchase of my hearing aids from you I thought it appropriate to let you know how they have made my situation considerably better.

As you k now I was having difficulty hearing conversations when out dining with our friends and at Christmas when we have the Family.

But probably most important was not being able to hear customers on the telephone which was very embarrassing.

I am now able to hear conversations with people in a noisy environment and no longer have to keep asking what they have said.

Also I am able to reduce the volume on the television which was having to be very loud in order to hear what was being said and can now hear high pitched noises which I could not hear before. In fact in some instances when I am in a confined area other voices seem exceptionally loud and I wondered if the sound could be reduced slightly.

The other thing that pleases me is the fact that since getting my aids no one has noticed I am wearing them; I thought one or other of our Granddaughters would have noticed; they do not usually miss much.

I would certainly recommend any one with a hearing problem to make the decision to purchase the hearing aids which are a substantial outlay but well worth it when you can hear clearly.

Yours sincerely

Alec Cuthbertson (Malton, North Yorkshire)

..."The Phonak Audeo Q transformed my life"5 Stars

My life has been transformed since David fitted me with hearing aids. A huge plus is David coming to your home, and knowing that he is on hand to give any follow-up advice if necessary.

Mr. Richard Machin (Brandsby, York)

..."I am hearing things which I have not been able to hear for years"5 Stars

Dear David,

Many thanks for my new hearing aids.

Whilst I have worn hearing aids for some considerable time, I can honestly say that since my new ones were fitted I am hearing things which I have not been able to hear for years.

It is lovely to be able to hear birdsong again and to be able to join effortlessly in a conversation without having to have parts of it repeated.

Once again, many thanks.

Kind regards

Ron Jones - Nawton, York

..."Delighted with the difference"5 Stars

Dear David,

A very belated 'thank you' for helping Frank select the best hearing aids for him. Your quality of service is outstanding...and the difference you have made to Frank's life is amazing. He is so delighted with the difference...especially for singing in the choir.

Kindest regards to you and Shirley

Jane and Frank Pickering

..."He has helped preserve my sanity"5 Stars

David Mason has taken care of my hearing aid needs for the past 6 years, a period of declining hearing (Meniere's disease), which forced my retirement from University Teaching. I had other hearing aid specialists for seven years before meeting David. He does a superb job. A caring, model professional, with an individualised and tailored approach. He has come up with well-considered and innovative solutions to my many hearing issues. He has helped preserve my sanity. I highly recommend his service.

Dr Stewart McFarlane, Boroughbridge

..."Then David Mason is your man"5 Stars

'Deafness' - a poem

It attacks from poor to wealthy
And tricks it's got aplenty
And to begin with, when it hits you
You are in denial
The tele sounds a jumble
And your friends appear to mumble
But you don't complain at all
It's not in your style

Not your fault they can't speak slowly
When their voice is weak and lowly
It could save themselves repeating
What they convey
And when they do come round to visit
Their first words most explicit
Your telly's far too loud
I have to say

Then comes the day you realise perhaps
It could stop you in your tracks
And at last you know it's you
And you are deaf
To start with you feel numb
But you must fight it or succumb
Then you decide to take it easy
Step by step

So when hearing aids are your plan
Then David Mason is your man
You can put your trust in him
To see you through his technology's far advanced
He won't leave anything to chance
He'll design your hearing aids
That's fit for you

When deafness strikes it becomes a cross to bear
Invariably gets worse as year on year
You struggle with this curse as bet you can
Feeling cut off from your friends and from your clan

The television's just a jumbled sound
And ringing phone calls missed, seem to abound
And hearing on the phone becomes a bind
You so easily miss what's said each time, you find

The many times you utter "Pardon, what's that you say"
Or answer yes to questions when it should be neigh
But technology these days can help a lot
With hearing aids designed for your support

So take a test to set you on your way
To enjoy again your social interplay
Then from the muffled mumbled talk you're saved
To give you back the clarity you craved

John Anderson, Bishop Auckland

..."Life changing"5 Stars

Dear David, The expression "Life Changing" has been overused recently but I can clearly state that this is just what I' feel alter the "David Mason" treatment. After careful adjustments by you I now have better hearing than at any time for the past 60 years.

I lost a lot of hearing due to my army service in the Royal Tank Regiment and although the War Office compensated me financially, I always reckoned that I would be hard of hearing for the rest of my life.

But no so! I have now returned to the land of the hearing. Thank you David.

With very kind regards ,

Peter Brown (Welburn, York)


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