David Mason R.H.A.D Hearing Aid Audiologist Ampleforth, York.    Tel: 0800 612 7 812
0800 612 7812

David has now retired and has
handed over the business to
Mr Robert Donnan RHAD.

Please be assured that his service and commitment to his clients are in direct parallel with our own. He has recently opened a branch in Fulford, York and has a number of other highly useful resources that you may find useful in the future. This includes Micro suction.

You can have every confidence in his service and I'm delighted to say that he always treats people with consideration and commitment. If you are interested in the latest hearing instruments he will only be too pleased to organise a free trial.

David Mason - August 2016


York Hearing Practice, 92 Main Street, Fulford, YORK YO10 4PS

Freephone 0800 612 7812

Phonak Hearing Aids - Phonak hearing
systems - Improving your life quality

Phonak Group specializes in design development production
and worldwide distribution of technologically advanced hearing
systems. Phonak Group is one of the major players in the hearing health care market.

Phonak UK based in Warrington specialise in the Sales and Marketing, Audiology and Education, and the Servicing and Repair of hearing instruments throughout the UK and Ireland.

Their strong co-operation and partnerships with Hearing Healthcare professionals in both the private sector and the National Health Service allows Phonak to make a contribution to improving the quality of life for the hearing impaired population.

With their complete range of digital hearing instruments, and state of the art FM communication systems, they offer the complete communication package for hearing impaired people.

Registered Office:

Phonak Group Limited

210 Cygnet Court, Centre Park

Company registration number:- 3417253

Phonak Hearing instruments

Hearing instruments improve speech understanding in various situations and support the many functions of the human hearing. As the kind and degree of hearing loss varies from person to person and even sometimes from ear to ear, there are different hearing instrument models which are tailored to specific hearing losses and which take into account personal needs.

Phonak hearing instruments are distinguished by design and technology.

Hearing Aid Technology

Digital: Microprocessors (digital signal processing) guarantee highest signal processing and fitting flexibility in addition to providing maximum speech understanding. Individual preferences and needs can be taken into account. Individual and sophisticated.

Digitally programmable: Analog technology, which is programmed via Software (PC) for the best possible adaptation of the conventional signal processing to the hearing loss. Economic and effective.

Analog: Conventional technology for all degrees of hearing loss. The fitting is performed with control elements directly on the hearing instrument. Well-priced and proven technology.


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