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David has now retired and has
handed over the business to
Mr Robert Donnan RHAD.

Please be assured that his service and commitment to his clients are in direct parallel with our own. He has recently opened a branch in Fulford, York and has a number of other highly useful resources that you may find useful in the future. This includes Micro suction.

You can have every confidence in his service and I'm delighted to say that he always treats people with consideration and commitment. If you are interested in the latest hearing instruments he will only be too pleased to organise a free trial.

David Mason - August 2016


York Hearing Practice, 92 Main Street, Fulford, YORK YO10 4PS

Freephone 0800 612 7812

Book Reviews for Hearing Handbook

"...hearing loss can be helped with the use of
modern hearing aids"

Dear David,

Mr Mason gives a very personal service tailored to the needs of patients with hearing loss. He has extensive knowledge of the types of hearing aids available so that he can provide the most appropriate instrument to ensure maximal benefit.

I have found Mr Mason’s book “Your Complete Guide to Better Hearing” very useful. It is invaluable in helping me explain the nature of hearing loss to patients and in encouraging them that their hearing loss can be helped with the use of modern hearing aids.

Mr. P G Reilly BSc, FRCS(Ed), Consultant ENT Surgeon, York Nuffield Hospital

"...diagrams clear, professional and instructive"

Dear Mr Mason,

Thank you so much for your Hearing Handbook, which I read with a great deal of interest.

I can honestly say that after 30 years as a State Registered Nurse I have discovered more about how the ear and hearing work than in all my time nursing. I found the diagrams clear, professional and instructive. All the accompanying explanations, although concise, were written in ways that were very easy to read and, just as importantly, understand.

I warmly recommend your Handbook to anyone who is thinking about a hearing aid.

Mrs JeanSutch S.R.N.

"...best information on hearing aids"

Dear David,

I am very pleased with the Hearing Handbook which I recently received. I found it very informative – it is the best information I have received on hearing and hearing aids. I am now retired from a 15-year nursing career and still learned a lot from the Handbook. I also appreciate the fact that an average price was mentioned – a lot of companies do not disclose this information.

Mrs D. Walker, York (ex Senior S.E.N.)

"...cannot fail to be valuable"

To understand a problem is a great help in solving it. In this book practical advice based on long experience, tempered with common sense makes for enjoyable as well as useful reading. Mr Mason is well known in the north east having been dispensing hearing aids for twenty five years, first as area manager of a large company, more recently independently. Finding the corporate way of life not to his taste he decided to set up on his own with the help of his wife, Shirley. His son Andrew, a graduate in astrophysics from York University, has now joined them. Their office is in Ampleforth.

With the help of simple illustrations the book gives straightforward descriptions of the structure of the ear and its most common problems. Readers are advised to seek medical help as a first resort. However to understand what happens in the case of, for instance, glue ear’ in children, or how to diminish the effect due to pressure changes when an aeroplane is landing ,as here described ,cannot fail to be valuable.

There are explanations of why hearing aids are the price they are. How to install an induction loop in the home and what benefits this system brings. Why some people say they can hear words but not understand them and how to overcome this. Those readers who economize by wearing an aid in one ear only -because ‘they can hear well enough’- have the principal of sound direction firmly laid before them.

It would be fair to say that Mr Mason likes people; likes helping them; one of his greatest satisfaction being the moment when a client, having been fitted with one of his highly technical devices, is more once able to reconnect with ordinary life.

Anne Taylor – Kirkbymoorside – published author and writer

"... is practical and up to date"

A great many of us, as we get older, find that our hearing is no longer as sharp as it was. We wonder what to do about it, whether there is something wrong with our ears and, probably, whether it is time to think about a hearing aid. This clearly written and well illustrated guide to the causes of hearing loss and the range of available remedies provides the answers.

The author has twenty-five years professional experience of identifying and treating the causes of deafness, whether from illness, injury or simply from ageing. The information and advice he gives is practical and up to date; and he explains just what benefits a patient can expect to get from the services of a professional audiologist and from the technology now at his disposal. I found particularly useful the section describing the first signs and symptoms of hearing loss; the checklist of points on which you should satisfy yourself at the end of a hearing examination, when the problem has been identified and a remedy prescribed; and the short account of the different kinds of hearing aid available.

Sir David Goodall, Ampleforth, York

"...hearing aids was explained clearly"

This is one of the rare examples of the author keeping in mind his reader.

The book is evenly balanced and encourages the reader to make their own judgements.

I was impressed because my understanding of both hearing and hearing aids was explained clearly which resulted in real benefit and hope to anyone I believe suffering from hearing loss.

Well done David!

Mr John Ram, Barwick-in-Elmet, Leeds

"...After reading this book I approached the future with confidence"

As one who had taken little or no notice of my ears for the previous 60 years, but realised that I was now having difficulties in hearing, this contents of this book came as a complete revelation.

Why was I having difficulties hearing?

Why was I finding social events so difficult to manage?

Why were people difficult to understand on the telephone?

Why could I not longer tell from which direction a sound was coming?

Was I doomed to not hearing clearly for the rest of my life?

This book answered these and many more questions simply, and in such a way, that I realised there was a way forward and that all the problems could be easily overcome. The mechanism of hearing is explained simply with good illustrations. The medical conditions leading to deafness are described in such a way that they can be understood by the layman. The methods of testing and correcting hearing defects are written in such a way that they dispelled any fears of approaching a professional audiologist.

After reading this book I approached the future with confidence. I now have hearing aids that have put my hearing back to normality, so that I can lead a normal life and interact with others. I now wish that I had not delayed so long in seeking professional help for a problem that was so easily rectified.

I urge anyone who is having hearing difficulties to read this book. Or if a loved one is having hearing difficulties, then read this book so that you can help them to move forward.

Dr Barry Fisher, Harrogate