David Mason R.H.A.D Hearing Aid Audiologist Ampleforth, York.    Tel: 0800 612 7 812
0800 612 7812

David has now retired and has
handed over the business to
Mr Robert Donnan RHAD.

Please be assured that his service and commitment to his clients are in direct parallel with our own. He has recently opened a branch in Fulford, York and has a number of other highly useful resources that you may find useful in the future. This includes Micro suction.

You can have every confidence in his service and I'm delighted to say that he always treats people with consideration and commitment. If you are interested in the latest hearing instruments he will only be too pleased to organise a free trial.

David Mason - August 2016


York Hearing Practice, 92 Main Street, Fulford, YORK YO10 4PS

Freephone 0800 612 7812

About Us

Having joined a large multi-national company in 1983, I started my
'apprenticeship' in hearing aid audiology working in the West
Yorkshire towns of Huddersfield, Halifax and Dewsbury.

The levels of deafness in these areas were quite high because of the abundance of cotton mills, where the majority of school leavers started their working life. I found it fascinating to listen to how people used to live in those days - so different to today's lifestyle isn't it?

Having worked for a large organisation for a number of years I was promoted to Area Manager covering the North of England involving training and monitoring new and existing hearing aid dispensers. In 1993 I was asked if I would be interested in setting up a major new hearing centre in the North East which I ended up running for nine years - however, the ‘corporate’ way of hearing-aid dispensing began to frustrate me so, after talking with my wife Shirley, we decided to ‘take the plunge’ and operate as an independent which would give me the opportunity to choose my own products and operate the service element in a more personal manner.

Shirley started her working life as an office junior in York and progressed to be a secretary involving many skills which have stood her in good stead in our little family business (thank heavens for that…I can’t stand paperwork!). In her leisure she enjoys working on cross-stitch and, when we can, walking in the lovely countryside of the Dales.

We have a son, Andrew, who finished his degree in Astrophysics at York University in 2003 and subsequently went on a backpacking tour including visits to Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia (both of us glad when he got out of that one!), Australia and New Zealand. He came back a lot more self reliant and with a far better appreciation of the value of money! He’s now happy working in the Information Technology sector.

David Mason & Chippie

My hobbies include oil painting and flying a vintage aeroplane. I am co-owner of a de Havilland Chipmunk which I helped restore over a 10 year period. We flew it to Czechoslovakia in 2003 and keep it at a small airfield called Breighton near Selby, which hosts among other interesting aeroplanes, a 1940’s Hawker Hurricane…now that’s what I call a real sound!

David Mason RHAD - Ampleforth, York

David Mason RHAD
Ampleforth, York


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