David Mason R.H.A.D Hearing Aid Audiologist Ampleforth, York.    Tel: 0800 612 7 812
0800 612 7812

David has now retired and has
handed over the business to
Mr Robert Donnan RHAD.

Please be assured that his service and commitment to his clients are in direct parallel with our own. He has recently opened a branch in Fulford, York and has a number of other highly useful resources that you may find useful in the future. This includes Micro suction.

You can have every confidence in his service and I'm delighted to say that he always treats people with consideration and commitment. If you are interested in the latest hearing instruments he will only be too pleased to organise a free trial.

David Mason - August 2016


York Hearing Practice, 92 Main Street, Fulford, YORK YO10 4PS

Freephone 0800 612 7812

"Fed Up with Comments About
Your Hearing?" Tired of Asking
People to Repeat Themselves?

The supply of hearing aids is just one element of our service.

Here are the Key Points of our business...

  • We spend time with you; you'll get the maximum benefit from your hearing instruments, including the crucial area of personalising them to your liking.
  • You will deal with a hearing professional and published author with over 30 years experience of helping people to hear again.
  • We are local, established and accessible - we work and live in North Yorkshire.
  • We will always advise you of the most suitable hearing instrument for your needs and budget.
  • Aftercare service includes retesting your hearing, and reprogramming, modifying and cleaning your hearing aids - all without charge.
  • Our practice is recommended by health professionals and local people (see testimonials).

Once fitted, in a few weeks, you will be able to return to...

  • Being part of the conversation with friends without having to make excuses.
  • Listening, without straining, to your radio, television and telephone.
  • Heightened awareness, not feeling isolated and with renewed self-confidence.
  • Enjoying those very special occasions with your family.
  • Hearing your music the way you'd like to - full, rich and memorable.

Your hearing is precious - maybe you have been thinking that you should have done something years ago; but it's never too late, and improvements can happen quickly!

All carried out in the comfort of your own home

Now here's the caveat! Please note that getting these sophisticated instruments tuned to your particular preferences requires time to discuss, and react to, your observations - six weeks after the fitting we will take note of your feedback and then make the necessary adjustments.

After that, we may have two or three more 'fine-tuning' sessions before the instruments can be considered fully optimised. There are no shortcuts to this - there is no way you can fulfil the potential of any hearing aid based purely on the initial readings.

Our long-standing aftercare service combines time, skill, experience and dedication to meet your complete hearing needs. This CANNOT be achieved by a quick 15-minute dialogue where you are part of a relentless corporate conveyor belt of impersonal appointments! Please understand we are not a numbers business but a people business.

So, if you are genuinely tired of asking people to repeat themselves and fed up with comments on your hearing, and feel the time is now right, we'll guide you through the next few simple steps...

Call me FREE on... 0800.781.1759 any time
Call me FREE on...

0800 612 7812 now
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David Mason RHAD, MSHAA, Ampleforth

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